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luxury switzerland watches

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High Quality Treatment, Training, and Consulting for Consumers with Different Abilities

Welcome to Applied Milestones! 

Our Strong Belief about Quality....    

¡¤    Our professional passion to create better outcomes for consumers
  with disabilities became the core purpose for creating our unique
  age-appropriate and developmentally tailored services focused on
  expanding our clients¡¯ performance, abilities, and skills to the level 
  of the ¡®typically developing¡¯ same-age peers and, in some instances, 
  above that level.

¡¤     We believe that providing High Quality Services to consumers with
 different abilities calls for employing highly educated and experienced 
 Specialists, calls for developing customized
programs built on current
 scientific research, and focusing on individual strengths of our clients 
 in order to achieve efficient and effective measurable results.

¡¤   We offer exceptional programs, training, and services that bring real
     and measurable changes in children¡¯s and families¡¯ lives. We provide 
     high quality services that equip children and their families for continued
     success in life.

¡¤   We recognize uniqueness and individuality of each individual, each family
      situation, and each organization, and we build our program on the strengths
      and abilities of our clients.

¡¤   We prove services that are socially significant for consumers, schools,
    and communities.